Experience Amsterdam in the dark

CtheCity is a walk through Amsterdam in complete darkness. Within CtheCity, you can recognize, discover and experience all the unique features that Amsterdam has to offer. During your visit, our blind tour guides will guide and inspire you with their unique talents. Do you dare to trust your senses? Do you think you can recognize all the highlights of Amsterdam without seeing them?

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See the city through the eyes of the blind

For our outdoor campaign to promote CtheCity our blind guides made special paintings which are on display in our reception throughout this winter season. Come in and see Amsterdam through their eyes at this unique exposition.

Becoming blind gives you a different view

The CtheCity tour gives you as a visitor a new perspective on being blind, it also helps our blind guides. By helping you through the circuit they gain social skills that will finally help them to obtain a real job. CtheCity provides an inspirational and educational trip for everyone. Highly recommendable for students of all ages and for all different levels. Please contact us for more information on our educational programs and support of the blind.

Prices and special offers
  • Tickets & Packages

    CtheCity: an indoor tour in the dark and an experience which you won’t forget. Visit CtheCity with your friends, family, groups or acquaintances and we will ensure that you won’t miss out on anything!

    Ticket CtheCity: €18,00 p.p.
    Online Ticket CtheCity: €15,00 p.p.
    Groups ticket (4 adults): €60,00
    Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children): €50,00

    No more than a ten-meter walk from CtheCity you find restaurant Ctaste – Dining in the Dark. Because of the close collaboration between these two experiences in the dark we offer combination tickets for the ultimate experience. Start by exploring Amsterdam in the dark and finish your experience with a lunch, brunch, dinner or even a beer tasting in the dark at Ctaste. For individuals, corporations and larger groups this is an extraordinary chance to challenge all your senses. Hear, smell, feel, taste and flabbergast yourself!

    The chocolate experience: €25,00 p.p.

    (CtheCity tour followed by a delicious chocolate taster at restaurant Ctaste)

    The sensorial experience: €35,00 p.p.

    (CtheCity tour followed by a main course at restaurant Ctaste)

    The extrasensory experience: €52,00 p.p.

    (CtheCity tour followed by a three course diner at restaurant Ctaste)

    For more information about Ctaste and the menu possibilities, please visit www.ctaste.nl

  • Groups

    Are you organizing a company outing with the goal to increase the overall teamspirit or do you just want a group trip to Amsterdam to never forget? Celebrate a special moment? Come to the Amsteldijk and challenge your senses in an inspirational, amusing and memorable way!

    An experience in the dark offers exactly what you are looking for: something unique, something special and most of all, something unforgettable!

    Book your tickets online or please mail us for all possibilities to customize the perfect afternoon (or evening) for you and your guests by CtheCity and/or Ctaste!

  • Gift cards

    What would be more enjoyable than giving a present that results in an unforgettable experience? With a CtheCity giftcard you are always insured of such an afternoon. Bring your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances and undergo this unique experience together! We offer experiences for any budget!

    Buy your giftcard for CtheCity easily online!

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  • More jobs for the blind

    Did you know that among all blind and deaf young persons in the Netherlands 70 percent is jobless? We think this is a ridiculous percentage. Our main goal is to reduce unemployment among talents that are blind or deaf by combining their strengths and capabilities to labour where they can perform.

    CtheCity is about the beauty of experiencing with your other senses. To open your eyes for a new world and introduce a new way of perceiving. For all blind tour guides it creates the opportunity to gain work skills, achieve goals and receive true feedback on finished tasks. Meanwhile sister company Ctalents seeks for a job where they will be at their best at one of the many companies that are open to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

    More and more large and midsized companies opens up to workers that developed one sense more than the other. CtheCity and Ctalents helps both workers and employers to find each other and match long term jobs to increase performance for both.

    Can you C talents? More info can be found on www.ctalents.nl

Opening hours and route directions

CtheCity is opened from Wednesday till Sunday, from 11:00. Our last tour starts at 19:00.
A tour takes approximately 1 hour.

Monday                         Closed

Tuesday                         Closed

Wednesday                   11:00 – 19:00

Thursday                        11:00 – 19:00

Friday                             11:00 – 19:00

Saturday                        11:00 – 19:00

Sunday                           11:00 – 19:00

During holidays the opening hours can be different.

Parking: There are different places where you can park the car around CtheCity on Amsteldijk or one of the side-streets. It is paid parking till midnight, €3,- per hour.
On Sunday it is free to park.

Visiting CtheCity by public transport is easily.
Trainstation Amstel is 15 minutes walk. Or take from central station (Amsterdam Centraal) the subway to the stop “Wibaustraat”.

It is also possible to take the tram 3 (stop Ceintuurbaan), or tram 4 (stop Lutmastraat)

Contact information CtheCity & Ctaste
CtheCity Amsteldijk 52 1074 HX Amsterdam info@cthecity.nl www.cthecity.nl T: +31 (0)20 675 35 17
Ctaste Amsteldijk 55 1074 HX Amsterdam info@ctaste.nl www.ctaste.nl T: +31 (0)20 675 28 31
Presscontact Bas de Ruiter (06 51128899), bas@ctaste.nl | Sandra Ballij (06 14182773), sandra@ctalents.nl